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Results for Fiscal 2022

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Integrated Report 2022

Learn how NAGASE grew from a specialized trading startup to the transformational global-impact company it is today over nearly 200 years of growth and success.

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At NAGASE we combine new strengths to design the future of business by identifying possibilities. Developing them with our partners and expanding our business together.

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See the previous day's closing price, high price, and low price, and the high/low price since the beginning of the year.

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Integrated Report 2022

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WHAT / The NAGASE Group’s Strengths | Our Significance | History of Value Creation | Our Business Model | Important Management Resources | HOW / The NAGASE Group’s Growth Strategy | Overview and Progress of the Medium-Term Management Plan| [Feature] The Food Ingredients Business Led by the Prinova Group | [Feature] Holding the Key to Growth through NAGASE’s Biotechnology | WHERE / The NAGASE Group’s Ideal Future | Message from the General Manager of the Corporate Sustainability Dept. | Our Sustainability Initiatives | Materiality and KPIs | Corporate Governance | Compliance | Risk Management | Interview with the Outside Directors | Creating Environmental Value | [Feature] Contributions Toward Decarbonization in the Supply Chain | Creating Social Value | [Feature] NAGASE’s Organizations to Promote DX | Social Contribution Activities

Message from the Director in Charge of Sales | List of Businesses | Functional Materials Segment | Advanced Materials & Processing Segment | Electronics & Energy Segment | Mobility Segment | Life & Healthcare Segment | Regional Strategy

Our Board | 11-Year Financial Highlights | Non-Financial Highlights | Financial Information | Consolidated Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Offices | Investor Information | Corporate Information