Community Involvement


We recognize that our responsibility to society doesn’t just include our business pursuits. That is why we support a variety of artistic, athletic, and scientific endeavors.

Recycling in the classroom.

Science & Technology

Science is at the center of everything we do. To support the advancement of science, we sponsor a variety of initiatives in support of research, technology, and society.

The NAGASE Science and Technology Foundation

In 1989, we established a foundation to advance science and technology in Japan. By supporting research and development in the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry, we’re working to improve socioeconomic progress.

The International Chemistry Olympiad

In 2021, we sponsored the 53rd installment of the Olympiad in Japan. The Olympiad is an annual academic competition for high school students and we were proud to support them as they enthusiastically develop the chemistry and materials leaders of the future.

The Hayashibara Prize

Since 1963, we have awarded 109 people who are working at the forefront of cancer treatment. We established the Hayashibara Prize to honor them, and to help actively contribute to the eradication of cancer and promote cancer research.

Nurturing Local Culture

We believe in the power of the arts to nurture culture and improve society, and we support organizations and events that bring this to the forefront.

Hayashibara Museum of Art

We operate the Hayashibara Museum of Art, where we preserve works of art and stage public exhibitions to share and celebrate the culture of the region.

The Living Architecture Museum Festival

Our head office in Osaka is a registered cityscape resource of Osaka City. Every year, we participate in the Living Architecture Museum Festival, which celebrates Osaka’s buildings and attracts visitors from around the world.

Charitable Giving

Based on our management philosophy of “Contributing to create a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind,” we support charitable organizations that are improving society as a whole.



We participate in the TABLE FOR TWO program, which strives to solve the problems of hunger in developing nations and obesity and lifestyle diseases in developed nations.


We sponsor a number of athletic teams and organizations that help stimulate our communities and promote a healthy, active lifestyle.


We are a special sponsor of the NAGASE Cup in collaboration with Japan Para Athletics. We are developing the NAGASE Cup for today’s top para-athletes, as well as the next generation, through this long-term sponsorship.

Fagiano Okayama

We sponsor Fagiano Okayama, a professional soccer club playing out of Okayama Prefecture, particularly Okayama City, Kurashiki, and Tsuyama.

Okayama Seagulls

We are official sponsors of the Okayama Seagulls, a women’s volleyball club team based in Okayama City, Okayama.

The Japan Blind Marathon Association

We are proud to support the Japan Blind Marathon Association, which works towards the nationwide adoption and development of blind marathons and walks.

The Scrum Japan Program

We sponsor Scrum Japan, created by the Japan Rugby Football Union to nurture the minds and bodies of young people.

Victorina Himeji

A women's volleyball club team based in Himeji City, Hyogo. Nagase ChemteX supports their activities through sponsorship contracts.

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