Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a game-changing technology that is transforming the way businesses operate. At NAGASE, we develop novel materials and solutions that help solve complex challenges across industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and education.

Inventing What’s Next

Imagine materials and processes that transform your complex problems into high-value, marketable solutions. With our strong focus on formulating products specifically for cutting-edge, bespoke applications, we can help you rapidly prototype products and redefine your manufacturing processes so you can take advantage of untapped opportunities both large and small.

Focus Areas


NAGASE is a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing for the automotive industry. From the production of lightweight components with complex geometries, to 3D printing and resin materials for visible light curing, to services like accelerated prototyping, assembly, and mass-customization, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of the industry.


NAGASE is a provider of innovative, customer-focused additive manufacturing materials, products, and solutions for the aerospace industry. Our advanced AM technologies can help you reduce manufacturing time and costs, while increasing product quality and flexibility. We work closely with you to develop custom AM solutions that meet specific needs, delivering faster turnaround and greater value than traditional manufacturing methods.


As a leader in material science innovation, NAGASE’s efforts in material development extend to products and solutions for 3D printing prosthetics and medical devices. Our established expertise in AM also means we can assist with printing and tuning challenges to help you achieve the product quality and production speed you need.

The Support to Help You Expand

Global Reseller Network

No matter where in the world you need 3D printing solutions, build materials, or support materials, we likely have a vetted, trusted reseller partner to help.

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Driven to Innovate

NAGASE is driven to innovate in additive manufacturing, always searching for new ways to push the envelope of what’s possible with AM. We’re driven to find answers to the toughest material science problems and provide additive manufacturing services and solutions that simplify the complex world of 3D printing for you.

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Industry-Respected Leadership

With diverse expertise, our executive leadership is filled with recognized leaders in the industry. We’re also home to seasoned scientists, patent-holding inventors, well-respected business disruptors, and industry powerhouses who are working toward finding unique solutions to challenging problems.

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Plastic Resin Pellets.

See Materials in Additive Manufacturing

Explore our portfolio of support and build materials for use in additive manufacturing.

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