Nagase Biotech Office


The Nagase Biotech Office is our strategy and planning hub for biotechnology innovations. Through Nagase Viita, and our Bio-Innovation Center, we research trends and identify opportunities in the industry. Through our tenured expertise, we use biotech to develop solutions unique to NAGASE, and help to create new and sustainable businesses with companies across the Group.

Our Biotech Office at Work

At the Nagase Biotech Office, we are consistently working to plan and develop materials that improve society’s quality of life, including microorganisms, enzymes, bio-based chemicals and more. Our research and development capabilities are making it easier to screen and evaluate new prospective biological processes, technologies, and materials. This helps us speed up the development and production process to bring new materials to market.

The Advantages of Nagase Biotech

The greatest strengths of NAGASE Group’s biotech offering are microbial screening technology; improvement of productivity through microbial breeding, genetic engineering, and metabolic engineering; production technology and production facilities for cultures, fermentation, and enzyme reactions; functionality evaluation/analysis technology; meeting regulations; and genetic modification.

Our Focus on Ergothioneine

Ergothioneine is a rare natural amino acid that could help with neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s), depression, and more. Our research department is developing a revolutionary bio production process that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, enabling exponential improvement in productivity when utilizing the amino acid.

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