Nagase Application Workshop


As the testing and evaluation arm for plastics and coatings, the Nagase Application Workshop (NAW) partners with customers to develop new compounds, moldings, and paints for materials manufacturers and processing companies.

Collaboration for Innovation

Established in 2007, the NAW uses specialized equipment to conduct raw materials analysis and final product formulation for a wide variety of plastics and coatings. More than 200 companies visit us every year and our expert staff responds to between 200 and 300 testing and development requests annually. With over 40 patents in the field, this organization is consistently pursuing new technological development, incubation processes, and training methods.

Labs at the Nagase Application Workshop


We offer formula designs, test production of compounds and molded plastic products, and perform physical property assessments using various evaluation equipment. This includes twin-screw extruders, Henschel mixers, injection molding machines, press molders, and computer color matching systems, among many others.

Coating Materials

Our expert technicians develop coating and ink formulations. We also offer test production and physical property assessments using specialized processing equipment, ranging from dry type paint booths to dispersers, ultraviolet (UV) curing system drying ovens, and environment testing equipment.

Multipurpose Laboratory

The NAW Laboratory brings together expertise from across the organization, working with experts from various divisions and affiliated companies. We serve as an incubator for new business development within the NAGASE Group.