Nagase Bio-Innovation Center


Our Nagase Bio-Innovation Center researches and evaluates opportunities to solve social and environmental issues. Through tireless research on microorganisms, enzymes, and enzymatic reactions, the Nagase Bio-Innovation Center delivers sustainable materials to help answer the world’s most pressing problems.

Tackling Today’s Most Challenging Issues

At NAGASE, we’re committed to working on projects that contribute to the health, safety, and prosperity of society and the environment. Our Nagase Bio-Innovation Center is focused on achieving breakthroughs in biochemical manufacturing using proprietary technologies.

Technologies that Transform our Future


We are developing fermentation technologies to use Streptomyces strains as host cells for producing chemicals and ingredients.

tRNA Availability

We have created a technology that uses high-availability transfer RNA (tRNA) to improve production yields in microbial fermentation.

OTR Simulator

For scale-up studies of aerobic cultures, we developed a simulator that can perform thorough and precise calculations of oxygen transfer rate (OTR).



We are using fermentation techniques to produce the natural antioxidant ergothioneine. A safe and stable compound, ergothioneine is transported to the brain and throughout the body.


Our proprietary technology using Streptomyces (N-STePP™) has made it possible to produce shinorine—a natural anti-photoageing ingredient with high efficiency.


We have developed a technology to mass-produce ferritin with proprietary recombinant DNA techniques.


We’ve targeted the D-Sedoheptulose produced by Streptomyces and developed technology to mass-produce it using N-STePP™.

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