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Automotive and transportation manufacturers are working to create high-quality, energy-efficient, and safe vehicles that customers will love. At NAGASE, we offer a wide range of functional materials to help you meet your customers’ needs, including interior and exterior parts, functional parts, car electronics, and more.

Meeting the Needs of a Changing Industry

With the automotive industry experiencing a rapid global expansion, the demand for cars that are safe, secure, comfortable, and also environmentally friendly, is greater than ever. Additionally, innovations in sustainable fuel sources are transforming the transportation landscape. We’re helping you meet the needs of a changing industry with significant investments in R&D and manufacturing of low-impact materials, as well as an extensive global operations and distribution network.

Focus Areas

Interior/Exterior Parts

From plastics and foaming agents to urethane auxiliary materials and composites, we make products that help the world’s leading manufacturers produce safer and more comfortable vehicles.

Functional Parts

Our engineering plastics, functional coatings, and adhesives are used to build safe, high-performance, and secure functional parts for the next generation of cutting-edge mobility solutions.

Car Electronics

We help deliver performance car electronics through the use of high-performance materials, electrified vehicle-related sensors, software, and communications for self-driving applications.

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Our commitment to a low environmental load through the development of high performance parts and materials, not only contributes to a safe car society but make and makes it easier for you meet your sustainability goals.

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Our strong focus on innovation and R&D can help you respond quickly to rapidly changing consumer demands and regulations for safety, comfort, and performance.

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Our extensive global reach, distribution network, and localized market knowledge give you the tools you need to expand into new regions and markets.

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We are committed to supporting your complex needs in an ever-evolving industry. Discover our versatile portfolio of quality automotive and transportation solutions.

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