Dedicated to Creating a Sustainable World


At NAGASE, we are actively reducing our impact on the planet. As we continue to expand our global presence, pursuing environmentally-friendly solutions remains fundamental to the way we serve our customers and help grow their business.

Our Approach to the Environment

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable world by embracing environmental solutions that help our customers thrive. This includes promoting recycling, preventing pollution, preserving biodiversity, using water efficiently, and offering more eco-friendly products and materials.

Icebergs from the Jacobshavn glacier.

Climate Change

We understand the threats that climate change poses to our society, and we’re working closely with governments, partners, and environmental groups to actively find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, we’ve prioritized fighting climate change by pledging to make NAGASE carbon neutral by 2050.

Tee Lor Zu waterfall in summer.


Biodiversity Initiative

The NAGASE Group understands that promoting and protecting biodiversity through our ecosystem services (supply services, regulating services, habitat services, cultural services) is vital to sustainable business activities. Our commitment to the global environment’s recovery is not only a core value but a part of everything we do.

Coloured polymer compounds.

Chemicals Management

Chemicals Management & Responsible Care Initiative

As part of the Japan Chemical Industry Association’s Responsible Care Committee, we promote activities that improve health, safety, and environmental stewardship in our chemical production process. We comply with all product-related laws and regulations around chemicals management, and are continually working to improve our compliance and centralized information management.

Pollution Protection

At NAGASE we strive to adhere to pollution protection standards that are stricter than those set by the Air Pollution Control Act, Water Pollution Prevention Act, and local authorities. We work diligently to reduce the release of pollutants and maintain and conserve our natural environment.

Aerial view of cargo ship in transit.

Other Sustainable Initiatives

Water Resources

We’re working to reduce, reuse, and recycle water in all our business activities to help the United Nations meet their sustainable development goals, including guaranteeing a stable supply of water and access for all people.

Supply Chain

We require our supply chain partners to join us in building and maintaining responsible distribution and logistics capabilities. Our Policy for Suppliers outlines everything they need to do to join us in our pursuit of social responsibility.

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