Agriculture & Animal Nutrition


Improve productivity and profitability, while reducing excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, with our portfolio of innovative additives, ingredients, and materials. From enhancing crop resistance to improving the nutrition of pets and the quality of livestock, we are constantly working on ways to contribute to the health of animals, farmers, and the environment.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Food Systems

We are working towards sustainable food systems that ensure healthy, reliable, and secure food sources for all. Through our ongoing development of bio-stimulants, farmers are able to decrease their reliance on pesticides and antibiotics that can harm the environment. Our wide range of functional ingredients for pet food and livestock feed, such as phosphates and sorbates, helps to extend shelf life and reduce food waste.

Focus Areas


We are pioneering solutions for various agricultural, labor, food supply, and procurement-related issues. Our biostimulant products work to bring out the natural immunity of plants and can produce steady growth and harvests.

Pet Food and Animal Feed Ingredients

Animals’ health is tied to their food’s nutritional value. To help promote healthier pets and livestock, we offer a range of feed solutions including amino acids, vitamins and derivatives, proteins, and other ingredients and supplements.

Open soybean field at sunset.Soybean field .

Solutions for Agricultural and Animal Health

Improving Safety

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides can affect the health of farmers and the environment. Our biostimulants made from natural ingredients can reduce the need for harmful products and improve safety.

Enhancing Productivity

We optimize the productivity of our agricultural and livestock products to help improve the physical condition of livestock, resulting in healthier animals that produce higher quality and quantities of milk.

Reducing Food Waste

We help food manufacturers utilize our ingredients in new ways to extend the shelf life of processed foods and launch new products. We also reduce food waste by upcycling and using raw materials from fallen fruit in our solutions.

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