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In an age of e-commerce, demand for cost-effective and eco-friendly printing and packaging solutions is greater than ever. At NAGASE, we can help meet those needs with innovative raw materials for printing and packaging applications and end-use products for food packaging, electronic packaging, and film and sheet industries.

Sustainable Printing & Packaging Solutions

We are invested in the eco-friendly sourcing, development, and production of packaging materials that can minimize your environmental impact. Via our work in biomass-derived structures, recyclable materials, and bio-degradable materials, including carbon neutral plastics, we are responding to the industry’s biggest challenges. Our mono-material structure packaging and packaging materials, and focused search for alternative packaging solutions, can help you improve your final product’s carbon footprint.

Focus Areas

End-user Products

Your customers expect durable, sustainable, convenient, and safe packaging. We can help meet those needs with specialty films and pouches for food, pharmaceutical, and other end-user applications.

Convertor Materials

Our development teams can modify materials to your specific requirements. Through high-caliber equipment and technology, we can perform cutting, folding, and adhering techniques, as well as develop various types of functional and eco-zippers.

Resins and Sheets

Our resins and sheets are used in food containers, cosmetic packaging, and as glass alternatives, to name a few. We also offer sustainable resin materials, such as bio-based, agriculture waste based, and recycled plastic. We provide thermoplastic polyester that offers significant heat-resistance and durability.

Full Support to Help You Succeed

Testing & Analysis

Ensure safe food packaging or test the structural integrity of your pharmaceutical packaging to safeguard your product’s success. We support your product development with analytical testing on all transportation and material factors. In addition, we can suggest, prototype, and validate a suitable concept design for your packaging.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Strategic, convenient local expertise allows us to store and deliver your orders worldwide, when and where you need it. Our experienced, flexible team provides on-demand import and export services for your product, resulting in efficiency and competitive advantage for the total supply chain.

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Marketing & Sourcing

Benefit from our partnership with more than 80 suppliers with competitively sourced products via our Middle East and South-East Asia (MESA) network. Our local market presence gives us accurate market-based insights, giving you a competitive leg up when marketing new products.

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Supplier Network

We have more than 100 group companies throughout the world with more than 80 reputable packaging suppliers, including Mitsubishi Chemicals, to efficiently bring you high-quality materials and solutions.

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