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We offer a wide variety of raw materials for thermal and carbonless paper, inkjet, toner, 3D printing, and and ultraviolet (UV) applications. With our global network and supply chain expertise, we can make sure you have the raw materials and supplies you need, when you need them.

Tackling Today’s Supply Chain Challenges

With supply and demand imbalances for many critical raw materials used in the production of printing inks, it’s becoming harder than ever to minimize production and manufacturing disruptions. At NAGASE, we operate as a US Customs Foreign Trade Zone with more than 30 years of expertise in global procurement and shipments. This provides you with unique opportunities for savings on import tariffs, increased operational efficiencies, and minimized supply chain strain for a variety of technologies in paper and inks.

Focus Areas

Thermal Printing Applications

Thermal printing uses heat to print images on carbonless paper, eliminating the need for expensive ink cartridges. We manufacture special heat-sensitive color formers, chemicals applied to thermal paper to help colorless leuco dyes appear when printed. We offer the full range of black, blue, red, and green color formers for use in barcoding, receipts, and other applications.

Inkjet Printer Materials

We also offer a variety of inkjet materials (dispersants, dyes, and polymerization inhibitors) and toner materials (charge control agents, colorants, polyester resins, and waxes) for use in inkjet and laser printers.

Trusted for Almost 200 Years

A History of Quality

NAGASE was founded almost 200 years ago as a dyestuffs wholesaler and trader. Over that time, we have cultivated a wealth of experience and insights as well as a robust global network of trading partners to help you get the quality raw materials for your paper and ink products.

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Turnkey Toll and Manufacturing

Alleviate supply and demand imbalances for many critical raw materials used in the production of printing inks when you partner with us. Relieve capacity constraints, boost cost savings, and increase speed to market. You’ll also experience simplification of regulatory burdens and operational excellence via NAGASE's ISO9001 and RC14001:2015 certification.

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