New Value Creation Office


The aim of the New Value Creation (NVC) Office is to drive innovation in NAGASE through big data and cross-sectional collaboration. The office assesses IT industry trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to help identify and create progressive technology and solutions for customers.

Empowering Core Businesses for Tomorrow

Now more than ever, the public is turning to information technology driven solutions to solve current and future energy consumption issues. Established in 2017, the New Value Creation Office was designed to assess this and other trends to create forward-looking strategies rooted in IT, including IoT and AI. As a founding member of IBM Research Frontiers Institute (RFI), the NVC Office promotes R&D initiatives, builds new businesses through collaboration, and deploy solutions on a global scale across multiple industries.


The Fusion of Biology and Electronics

The NVC Office is developing technology that integrates biology and electronics, including creating low-power devices that mimic the human brain. This will allow us to expand what's possible while reducing energy consumption.


In collaboration with research organizations, we created Axonerve™, a semiconductor intellectual property core specializing in search/query functions to address the need for large-scale, real time data processing.


TABRASA® is our  powerful SaaS based material search platform developed in collaboration with IBM. It enables us to identify new materials and improve or develop them by leveraging material informatics--data and artificial intelligence (AI)--to spotlight new formations without numerous tests or sample materials.

5G Applications

Utilized field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), which are reconfigurable semiconductor devices, as a platform to develop a solution to accelerate the database search middleware Redis, which is widely used in large-scale cloud computing, and began promoting that among cloud computing engineers.

Looking Ahead

The NVC Office continues to create proprietary intellectual property and advance new technologies such as AI-based materials, informatics systems, and the integration of biology and electronics. Our goal is to stay ahead of the trends by consistently interacting with leading experts in the field, as well as keeping close watch on the changes projected in the development of essential hardware for cutting edge AI and IoT technologies.

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