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Keep up with changing consumer habits with ingredients that can improve the taste, nutrition, and shelf life of your best-selling products. From concept to development to distribution, we can help you increase speed-to-market and profitability with our global supply chain and sourcing services.

Bring Your Ideas to Life Quicker

When it comes to staying ahead in the hyper-competitive food and nutrition industry, speed-to-market is more important than ever. That’s why you need a partner who not only understands current consumer trends and insights, but can help you quickly bring your latest concept to reality. From initial concept and manufacturing to final delivery and commercialization, our full range of product development services means you can go from idea to launch in record time.

Focus Areas

Plant-Based Products

Amid diversifying dietary needs due to enhanced health awareness, environmental concerns, or allergy issues, plant-based products are attracting a great deal of attention. The NAGASE provides comprehensive solutions from procuring ingredients to improving odors and textures unique to plant-based ingredients, and developing recipes. 

Lifestyle & Performance Nutrition

Today’s healthy consumer cares about premium ingredients. To meet evolving tastes and to help you find the right solution for your application, we offer more than 2,000 high-quality ingredients, cutting-edge product development, premix capabilities, and turnkey contract manufacturing.

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Your Competitive Advantage

Distribution & Sourcing

With decades of trading experience, a distribution presence in numerous countries, and global reach that allows us to source thousands of raw materials, our supply chain expertise and infrastructure can be your strategic advantage.

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Research & Development

NAGASE's leverages its core technologies in synthesis, formulation, and biotechnology and its industry experts to explore its products' application and functionality in foods in addition to searching for new materials and identifying physical properties.

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NAGASE is manufacturer of quality and environmentally friendly products that are supplied worldwide. The lineup includes many products that are certified as kosher and halal. Additionally, NAGASE offers contract manufacturing and manufacturing services.

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Application Development

NAGASE has set up a network of application development labs worldwide. The labs provide consultation and formulations tailored to customer needs such as recipe development and region-specific applications.

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