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We’re always focused on finding ways to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve sustainable business operations—from product development to distribution and logistics.

Our Personal Commitment to Sustainability

In today’s social, political, and regulatory climate, businesses are increasingly focused on finding ways to reduce their impact on the environment. As one of the largest global trading firms in the world, we know that as well as anyone. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to working towards true sustainability across our value chain. For our customers, that means that every material we source and every product we help prototype begins with the question: “How can we deliver value that contributes to creating a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind?”

Through the development of next-gen lithium-ion batteries and materials for photovoltaic cells and modules, we are helping build lightweight home energy management systems with the potential to reduce electricity bills and minimize carbon use.

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By using raw materials from discarded agricultural products like fallen fruit, we’re helping our partners reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint. Through our ongoing development of bio-stimulants, farmers are able to decrease their reliance on pesticides and antibiotics that can harm the environment.

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We are invested in the eco-friendly sourcing, development, and production of alternative packaging materials that can minimize your environmental impact and reduce your final product’s carbon footprint. With our work in biomass-derived structures, recyclable materials, and bio-degradable materials, including carbon neutral plastics, we are responding to the industry’s biggest challenges.

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Demonstrated Sustainability Leadership

Carbon Neutrality Commitment
We have made a commitment to achieve carbon-neutral trading, manufacturing, and processing operations across our businesses by 2050. We plan to accomplish this through strict measures to decrease emissions, including identifying emissions in the supply chain, providing low-carbon products such as carbon-neutral packaging, and reducing energy via green facilities and environmental investing.
Responsible Chemical Management
Our management system and compliance framework ensure we properly comply with any laws or regulations that affect our products. Additionally, we are dedicated to the safe handling of chemicals, with responsible care activities in place designed to preserve the environment and ensure health and safety—from development to disposal.
Supply Chain Initiatives
As a trading company, we aim to build a supply chain and achieve sustainable growth within it. By leveraging NAGASE's comprehensive product and service offerings, our clients can realize the benefits of true integration, including shorter project delivery times, lower operating costs, and increased revenues.

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