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Increasing consumer demand for eco- and energy efficient solutions are driving rapid changes in the energy and electronics industries. We’re building tomorrow’s smart energy infrastructure—enabling the next generation of electronics and semiconductor assembly with our highly-functional materials and components.

Trusted Expertise in a Rapidly Changing Industry

We’ll help you quickly respond to shifting market trends and meet growing technology needs. In addition to helping build a renewable energy infrastructure through the development of cleaner, safer next-gen lithium ion batteries, we can help you ideate and develop cutting-edge materials and components for the latest smartphone, tablet, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Focus Areas


We’re responding to the need for increased performance and efficiency in electric vehicles and integrated circuits by developing materials with advanced properties. Our team is creating new semiconductor materials and composites, including electrically conducting/insulating materials and adhesive/encapsulant materials.

Captive Consumption Power

Captive power storage has tremendous potential to help solve the world’s rapidly accelerating energy challenges. Using lithium-ion secondary batteries, our team is developing innovative power storage systems aimed at delivering greater efficiency, longer life, and enhanced safety.

Power Storage Systems

Our energy-efficient power storage systems offer a clean and safe backup power source in the case of a disaster or power outage. These durable waterproof and dust-proof storage units can be used safely indoors, as well as outside even in the rain.


Our thinner, more flexible polymer films ensure process quality is maintained, without warping, shrinking, or stretching when subjected to high heat. We also develop chemical management equipment for display production processes.

Helping You Thrive in a Hyper-Competitive World

Our integrated network of R&D sites utilizes breakthrough technology to ensure our partners can anticipate and act on rapid changes within the industry.

Our extensive supply chain ecosystem and compliance expertise ensure you’ll always have access to the quality materials you need. Experience seamless expansion into new markets with the support of our global network. Leverage our local market knowledge for integrated sourcing, distribution, supply chain, and compliance support.

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Capitalize on Consumer Trends

Confidently take advantage of new technological advances to expand into new markets and capitalize on current and future trends. With state-of-the-art technology and a customer-driven approach focused on trend analysis, supply reliability, and responsiveness, we can zero in on strategic markets and produce products that are critical to your success.

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Safe and Secure Evaluation

We are proud to have earned international standards certifications for quality management and assurance, occupational safety and health, and environmental conservation, including ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. We can help you safely and securely conduct evaluation and contract testing for everything from single cells to large-scale stor

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Explore our portfolio of materials and components for use in the electronics industry.

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