Solve Your Toughest Regulatory Challenges


As a global trading company with a network of regulatory experts across the globe, we can help you stay in compliance to keep your supply chain operating smoothly.

Your Dedicated Regulatory Services Team

Depending on where your business operates and the products or materials you’re dealing with, the regulatory requirements you need to meet can vary substantially. Our Regulatory Services Team has developed partnerships with legal experts in key countries across the globe. Through this framework, we can offer you specialized consultation services to support your needs, such as legal solutions for export destination challenges and for license acquisition in destination countries.

Our local knowledge base is designed to help you stay abreast of changing laws in regional or local markets. Need help navigating new regulatory structures and requirements? Our local regulatory experts will help smooth the transition, steering clear of pitfalls that could derail your expansion efforts.

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Meeting regulatory requirements often means searching for testing facilities to provide the proper certifications. Whether it’s at our own facility or a partner’s, we can help you find a lab with the right technology and expertise to help certify your products.

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The need for compliance with laws and regulations in foreign countries can be a major obstacle to exporting your products abroad. From import licenses and product registration to labeling, packaging, and container requirements, we can help you navigate the legal challenges of setting up your exporting business.

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At the Forefront of Regulatory Change

Local Expertise
Our on-the-ground experts monitor changes in laws where and when you need them most. With offices and regulatory experts across the globe, we’re keeping up with real-time regulatory changes at the local level so you don’t get caught off guard.
Applied Knowledge
As a global manufacturer and distributor of products on almost every continent, we’re held to many of the same laws and regulations as our customers. This means that we are always staying on the leading edge of regulatory change. Because our experts are continually honing our product-related compliance intelligence, we can pass that knowledge and expertise on to you.
Commitment to Compliance
The NAGASE Group’s management philosophy specifically notes that observing the laws, regulations, and rules of the countries we do business in is vital for upholding our ideal of maintaining the highest integrity as a member of society, especially in a world of increased globalization.

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