Meet Your Unique Manufacturing Needs


Leverage our network of manufacturing capabilities to meet your production needs. With more than 60 subsidiaries across the globe, and access to extensive expertise and advanced technology, our manufacturing strengths are your competitive advantage.

Proprietary Manufacturing Technology at Your Disposal

We know that manufacturing requirements come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve developed resources and expertise in a number of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Need a manufacturing solution for a complex, niche, or emerging industry? We have a long history of developing and manufacturing novel technologies, and own proprietary technology in organic synthesis, enzymatic reactions, and blending.

We’re your source for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality materials and ingredients. Our manufacturing solutions can help customers improve the quality, eco-friendliness, and cost-efficiency of their products across a broad range of industries.

Let us be your one-stop shop for prototyping, building, and delivering high-quality products at scale. Use our manufacturing facilities, technology, experts, and labs located in key locations around the world to manufacture and test your products without disrupting your production lines.

With almost 200 years of history as a trading company, we have established longstanding manufacturing partnerships around the globe that let you tap into an even broader range of technology, talent, and trusted expertise.

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions and Support

Collaborative Manufacturing
In order to raise productivity and strengthen cooperation between our Group manufacturing operations, we launched the Group Manufacturers’ Collaboration Committee. Together, we are working to promote digital transformation (DX) in manufacturing, address environmental needs, improve manufacturing quality, and raise safety and health standards.
Global Manufacturing Support
With strategically located manufacturing facilities in 14 different countries and regions, you have access to manufacturing support, local expertise, and the right volume of materials you need, when you need them. Our closely synchronized global and regional operations are designed to optimize processes, reduce storage inventories, and lower associated costs.
Production Flexibility
Our experience developing highly niche, bespoke applications means that we have the manufacturing flexibility to help you take advantage of untapped opportunities both large and small. From small batch manufacturing to mass production, we can satisfy unique and varied product requirements with efficiency.

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