Balancing Economic and Social Value


By helping you identify, develop, and expand new business opportunities, we are creating solutions that drive value and contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Priorities

See how we are working to become a leader in sustainability throughout the value chain.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest level of integrity in all of our business activities. From preventing corruption and protecting your information to ensuring that we’re in compliance with all applicable national and regional laws, we work to maintain healthy relationships with all of our partners and government entities.

We have a deep respect for all cultures and feel strongly that diversity and inclusion are vital for contributing to a healthy society. To that end, we vigorously defend human rights and do not permit any sort of discriminatory behavior. Through our focus on sustainability and innovation, we’re helping promote the health, safety, and security of our world.

We are committed to limiting our environmental footprint across industries and the globe. Our plan to accomplish this begins with strict measures that will decrease emissions over the coming decades. These measures include correctly identifying emissions in the supply chain and implementing and reacting to life cycle assessments for strategic products.

A Message From Our President and CEO

We will continue to pursue sustainability and take on the challenge of realizing a safe, secure, and warm society in which people can live comfortably.
Hiroyuki Ueshima, Representative Director, President and CEO

Putting Our Vision Into Practice

External Evaluation Initiatives

View all of the external organizations and initiatives that we are using to evaluate and verify our sustainability efforts.

TCFD - Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

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