Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain


We are committed to developing a sustainable and efficient supply chain, putting practices in place to make it a reality. From our dedication to our employees and trusted partners, to our pledge to deliver quality products and services—our mission is to provide materials and means that meet or exceed today's standards.

Safflower, Yamagata, Yamagata, Japan.

Basic Policy for Suppliers

Our Promise to Protect the Environment

Protecting our natural environment and biodiversity is at the core of everything we do. We require our suppliers to do their part through greenhouse gas emissions control and lower energy consumption, as well as concerted efforts to reduce waste, water usage, and to boost recycling efforts. Together, we will create a supply chain that benefits all of us.

Employee-First Mindset

Our business suppliers must provide safe working conditions for all employees. They must prohibit discrimination, eliminate forced labor and child labor, and restrict employee exploitation. We believe establishing good labor management practices and supporting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are critical to safeguarding employee’s welfare and rights.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

As a global entity, it is our responsibility to comply with, and maintain, all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and regions where we do business. We remain dedicated to establishing standards for the safety and quality of our products and services across many countries and markets.

Supplier Policy Downloads

To foster understanding and cooperation among our global suppliers, our basic policy information can be found in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese translations, as well as Japanese, on our sustainability website.

Sustainable Partnerships

Security Trade Controls

Trade is the foundation of the NAGASE Group. To conduct appropriate trade as a member of international society in line with laws and regulations, the Security Trade Control Committee works to understand the export control situation, follow the latest revisions to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, and ascertain a detailed picture of export controls across the entire Group, while formulating related Group policies.

The Item Compliance Management Council is in charge of directing and educating each business division and Group company in matters and statute updates determined by the Security Trade Control Committee. It is the responsibility of the Item Compliance Management Council to protect the Company and affiliates against the risk of illegal acts.

Supplier Policy on Animal Welfare

Membership in the RSPO

In August 2017, NAGASE & CO., LTD. joined Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which aims to procure palm oil that is environmentally sustainable, and is promoting the spread of sustainability throughout the supply chain by participating in meetings and briefing sessions. We have set a target to procure 100% sustainable palm oil by the end of FY2025.

Supply Chain Initiatives

Calculation and visualization of CO2 emissions using zeroboard

The NAGASE Group considers the calculation and visualization of CO2 emissions in the supply chain as an important challenge. With the aim of supporting the decarbonization of corporate management, NAGASE & CO., LTD. has agreed to a business alliance for the sales and business development of zeroboard, a cloud service for calculating and visualizing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions developed by Zeroboard Inc. and will market this service, ascertain customer needs, and develop and provide solutions for reducing CO2 emissions, mainly in the chemicals industry.

As countries around the world strive to become carbon neutral by reducing CO2 emissions to zero, zeroboard has been developed not only to improve the efficiency of calculating CO2 emissions for the company, but also to visualize CO2 emissions in the supply chain. In FY2022 and beyond, the two companies plan to use the database to develop businesses such as a business-to-business matching platform to provide solutions for reducing CO2 emissions, and to propose efficient methods for calculating environmental data that captures changes in the external environment. Through this partnership, Zeroboard Inc. and NAGASE & CO., LTD. will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society by supporting the decarbonization of corporate management.

Recycling Matters

Streamlined recycling management and efficient operations are key to minimizing the footprint of the supply chain on the global environment. NAGASE Application Workshop’s sole purpose is to help reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain and the creation of more recycled materials.

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