Dedicated to Transparency and Integrity


At NAGASE, we understand that we have a responsibility to the world to offer products and services that meet the highest levels of satisfaction, safety, and sustainability possible. As we continue to grow, we take steps to ensure the people responsible for NAGASE and its many branches are committed to this vision.

Corporate Governance

Our commitment to corporate governance spans the entirety of NAGASE and its many divisions. Our stakeholders’ expectations are that we, as a company, not only continue to expand our services and offerings, but maintain a commitment to provide the insights, resources, and materials needed to improve everyone’s quality of life as well. We work to make these initiatives possible with a system of rapid decision-making, execution, and transparency.

Young middle eastern businesswoman giving a speech in a business seminar. Muslim woman wearing headscarf addressing the audience in a business conference.
We will achieve sustainable growth by balancing economic and social value, with the aim of creating a sustainable world where people live with peace of mind.
Kenji Asakura, Representative Director, President and CEO

As a global and multifaceted company, NAGASE is subject to a large variety of industry laws and regulations that span across our divisions. We are steadfast in our commitment to compliance—especially when it comes to bribery and fair competition. We have a social responsibility to not only implement but uphold our compliance policy, Group Code of Conduct, and standards of behavior for our partners and employees. Through these policies we are able to detect issues early and take corrective action quickly—allowing us to continue to build a reputation of trust and credibility that has lasted generations.

Risk Management

In order to continue the long legacy of growth, innovation, and expansion that NAGASE has created, we must be vigilant when it comes to risk. Internal or external, being able to efficiently identify any risks associated with our business activities and take the appropriate steps to avoid them helps minimize loss and adds to overall success. Our Risk Management and Compliance Committee oversees these efforts, working to ensure we comply with any and all laws and regulations, as well as maintaining a standard of corporate ethics and energy conservation.

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