Promoting Safer, Healthier Operations


People will always be at the center of our company and the products we develop. Our aim is to promote responsible practices that ensure safety, comfort, health, justice, and basic human rights for our employees, customers, and the communities in which we do business.

Labor Practices

We believe in upholding labor practices that help achieve a safe, secure, and comfortable society. To that end, we have established clear policies in compliance with local laws regarding minimum wage, total working hours, overtime, and reduction of excessive working hours.

We also strive continuously  to provide a greater work-life balance to our employees. In accordance with the labor laws of each country in which we do business, we strive to provide safe and hygienic workplaces and build good labor-management relations with labor unions at our overseas sites.

Additionally, diversity is a critical piece of NAGASE's corporate strategy. We believe having a diverse range of employees reflects strong labor practices, encourages more dynamic discussions, and brings new ideas to the market.

Business colleagues planning together in meeting.

Human Resource Development

Human resource development programs strengthen our corporate foundation by training and developing managers, promoting globalization, and instilling shared values. These specialized programs consist of an organized combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training, often taking place in our NAGASE Global HR Development Center.

While on-the-job training lets employees experience real-world work in a variety of roles to gain new knowledge and skills; off-the-job training allows employees to gain new skills through both formal lectures and self-directed learning. 

Occupational Health and Safety

We consider the health, safety, and comfort of our employees and their families, both domestic and overseas, to be of the utmost importance. That's why we've unveiled our NAGASE Health Declaration: to encourage measures employees can take to maintain and promote personal health.

To prevent workplace risks and injuries, we take extraordinary precautions and have implemented specific changes at each site to address previous accidents. Further, we conduct regular internal audits and, when necessary, education and training, as well as revision of internal rules and systems.

Respect for Human Rights and Community

We strive to improve the welfare of our employees and to contribute to society through our business and community activities. We respect the history, culture, and customs of every region, and we do not engage in harassment or discrimination. Our Code of Conduct ensures regard for human rights and respect for individuality.

In the event of an incident of discrimination, we pledge to take immediate steps to investigate. Our Board of Directors regularly checks the status of our compliance with human rights and the progress of such efforts. Additionally — to help fulfill our vision of a healthier, more just society — we intend to contribute to the realization of a sustainable food system, especially food security in terms of both quality and quantity.

Responsibilities to Customers

As a responsible manufacturer, we comply with the Consumer Product Safety Act and all applicable product safety and quality control laws and regulations. We work proactively to ensure the safety of our products, vendors, and manufacturing contractors through a stringent set of internal rules.

We have acquired international standards such as ISO 9001, and through the operation of a company-wide quality management system, we make continuous improvements to the quality of our products and the work we do, willingly recalling products when necessary in order to prevent any further harm.

In addition to observing the relevant laws and regulations in the countries where we do business, we pay careful attention to safety, human rights, environmental issues, and social ethics, as well as to appropriate labeling and expression.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Our supply chain standards are central to how we do business. We aim to partner with external suppliers who align with our key tenets of legal compliance, quality assurance, protection of human rights of employees, and consideration of the global environment, as well as all appropriate laws and regulations.

To keep up with the changing pace of international security trade controls, we encourage our employees to become Security Trade Control Associates. We are proud members of Sedex, which promotes the creation of ethical supply chains, and have launched several supply chain initiatives related to humane animal treatment, managing conflict minerals, and using and developing recycled materials.

Through a partnership with cloud-based platform Zeroboard Inc., we are contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society by visualizing CO2 emissions in the supply chain.

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