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Demanding architectural and industrial environments call for high-functioning paints and coatings with enhanced appearance, durability, and heat resistance. Using premium raw materials, we offer resins, pigments, and other solutions to help improve performance while also reducing costs.

Your Application Development Partner

Elevate your paint or coating’s performance, durability, or aesthetics with our full range of application development services through the NAGASE Application Workshop (NAW). Our expert technicians and fully-equipped testing facilities can help with customized formulations, test production, and physical property assessments to help you meet even the toughest project requirements.

Focus Areas

Smart Coatings

Our electrically conductive materials can be used to make innovative smart coatings that provide a spontaneous response to changes in the microenvironment, such as heat, light irradiation, and more.

Bio-Based Materials

To help improve the eco-friendliness of your products, we offer a range of bio-based solutions, including renewable clean biomass origin raw materials.

UV-Curable Coatings

Our durable and scratch-resistant, UV-curable resins are designed to dry fast, cure fast, and be heat resistant.

VOC Reduction

Meet regulations for emissions from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with our Carbon Hybrid Coating System for paints and paint thinner.

Bring Your Products to the World

Global Sales Staff

Let us help you with your global expansion efforts. Our Global Coating Team has sales representatives with both local and global know-how ready to collaborate with you almost anywhere in the world.

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Strategic Supplier Relationships

We build strategic supplier relationships to meet both current and future industry needs. Through our extensive international trading and sourcing relationships with industry-leading chemical and specialty material companies, we have access to a variety of high-quality materials.

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Total Logistics Support

Safe, efficient logistics support requires an expert team. We offer full-container load (FCL) shipping and reliable storage and transportation of your paints and coatings, plus hazardous consolidated service around the world.

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Explore our portfolio of materials and products for use in the paints and coatings industry.

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