Aerospace manufacturers need to balance enhanced performance, improved durability, and increased fuel efficiency with strict regulatory compliance. With an expansive range of solutions—ranging from safe, durable epoxy adhesives to a variety of material solutions for light-weighting, flame retardation, and thermal management—we are helping fuel the next generation of aerospace.

Propelling Aerospace Forward

Next-gen aircraft need to be faster, lighter, more eco-friendly, and safer than ever—while still passing rigorous testing and strict regulations. Rely on our innovative, quality materials—including epoxy encapsulations, polyurethane foam, electrical components, and general-purpose resins for interior/exterior/functional parts—and in-depth expertise for both impressive performance and responsible compliance.

Focus Areas

High-Performance Parts and Materials

From power semiconductors to electronics for high-resolution displays, and glass mats to synthetic leather, we make products that help the world’s leading manufacturers produce safe and comfortable aircraft. Consider us for flexible and high heat-resistant adhesives, a variety of elastic and durable thermoplastic and thermoset resins, plastics and foaming agents, and urethane auxiliary materials and composites.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

We work with companies in aerospace to leverage additive manufacturing in groundbreaking ways. Streamline maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) with replacement parts on demand. Create jigs, fixtures, sacrificial cores, and other complex geometries with our advanced electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe additive manufacturing build and support materials that are compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics including PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and PPSU.

There are plenty of applications we haven’t even thought of yet. With additive manufacturing, the sky’s the limit.
Jeffrey Cernohous, Ph.D., COO, Infinite Material Solutions

Our Commitment to the Future of Aerospace


We will contribute to energy conservation and the improvement of the global environment by finding new ways to leverage the electrification of aerospace and aviation mobility and environmentally friendly materials.


As we look toward a mobility society, we will do so with a focus on enhancing safety functions and providing solutions for people to live with peace of mind. Our solutions are compliant with global aerospace requirements for safety and security, and our regulatory experts continually monitor updates to global laws.


Customer comfort is about more than legroom. We provide new value of time and space for aerospace solutions, creating comfortable interiors and innovative experiences that boost your profitability.

Innovative Solutions

Our forward-focused additive manufacturing solutions are designed to help you be more resilient, efficient, profitable, and innovative. Modernize your MRO and reduce production time using our advanced materials that are compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics commonly required for aerospace.


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