Ensure Supply Chain Quality and Reliability


With a global ecosystem of trusted partners and almost two centuries of experience as a trading company, we’ve built reliable networks that ensure supply chain quality, accountability, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Navigating the Modern Supply Chain

It’s no secret that global supply chains have been in crisis for the past few years due to lingering effects of the global pandemic. With a diversified mix of global suppliers, strong local partnerships, accurate trend forecasting, and real-time market insights, we have the expertise to guide our customers through even the toughest supply chain challenges.

No matter when or where in the world you need to source quality raw materials, we can help you find a vetted, trusted reseller partner. We’ve been working with producers in key supply bases like China and India for decades, and have access to thousands of raw materials from across the world.

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Experience seamless expansion into new markets with the support of our global network. Regardless of whether you’ve used us to develop your products, we can provide you with reliable transportation, storage, and distribution, as well as specific market expertise for different regions.

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Regulatory compliance around the globe is complex especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials. As an established global trading company, we are your trusted partner in navigating compliance, customs, tariffs, and regulations, while also keeping up with changes to the applicable laws and regulations in your local markets.

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Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Linthicum, Maryland, USA. August 2002

Ensuring Flexibility and Accountability Across the Supply Chain

Flexible Distribution
We can help make sure you have the right materials you need at the moment you need them. Our closely synchronized global and regional operations are designed to optimize import and export processes, reduce storage inventories, avoid timing delays, and lower associated costs.
Supplier Integrity
In addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations ourselves, we expect our suppliers to commit to protecting their employees’ human rights and right to workplace safety. We strive for a responsible supply chain and urge our partners to respect the environment, natural ecosystem, and communities where they operate.
Inventory Management
Our customer-driven approach focuses on supply reliability and responsiveness, zeroing in on strategic markets and products that are critical to your success. Reduce your inventory levels and associated costs by leveraging our extensive warehouse network and advanced inventory management for guaranteed material availability.

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