NCX Fukuchiyama Plant Receives Incentive Award from Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare for Excellent Workplace, Organization, or Meritorious Service in Health and Safety

August 24, 2022

The Fukuchiyama Plant of Nagase ChemteX Corporation received the Encouragement Award from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare in the 2022 “Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award for Excellent Workplace, Group or Meritorious Service in Safety and Health.”

The “Encouragement Award” is the second award after the “Excellent Award” (17 workplaces), and is given to workplaces with excellent safety and health standards that are recognized as models for others to follow. The Fukuchiyama Works has maintained a 17-year and 8-month accident-free period, excluding unplanned accidents,* since January 23, 2003, and in March 2022, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare awarded it a Class 3 Accident-Free Record Certificate.

*An accident in the course of work, for which the employee received medical treatment at a medical institution, etc. and did not miss a day of work since the day following the day of the disaster.

No accident record

Subject business site: Fukuchiyama Plant of Nagase ChemteX Corporation.

Number of employees: Less than 100

Type of business: Food manufacturing

Total hours worked without accident:
Class 1: 1.5 million hours
Class 2: Class 1 x 1.5
Class 3: Class 2 x 1.5 (2,925,000 hours)

Last lost time injury: January 22, 2003

No accident period: January 23, 2003–ongoing

Record setting date: September 25, 2020 (4,313 total working days) Ongoing

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