Demonstration of Forest Credit Creation Begins—NAGASE and Yusuhara, Kochi Enter into Agreement Acquiring Knowledge of Decarbonization Management Support While Providing Value to Local Community

August 26, 2022

NAGASE & CO., LTD. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Kenji Asakura) and the Town of Yusuhara (Yusuhara, Kochi; Mayor: Hisato Yoshida) have entered into an agreement with the goal of demonstrating “forest credit creation”(*1). Under this agreement, NAGASE, which has been incorporating solving local issues into its decarbonization management support for businesses, will support and collaborate with Yusuhara Town, which has been designated as a Decarbonization Leading Area (*2) and is carrying out forestry management initiatives to “create the forests of the future” using its ample forestry resources. This agreement will be the first time NAGASE carries out a demonstration of forest credit creation.

To prevent global warming, Japan has established a system where the government certifies reduction or absorption of certain amounts of greenhouse gases as credits. Local governments engaged in managing and making use of forestry resources and businesses striving to achieve carbon neutrality are actively making use of these credits. Yusuhara has implemented initiatives taking advantage of its ample forestry resources such as a Wood Biomass Regional Recycling Model Project, working on “Yusuhara forest creation for the Reiwa era,” but as the town is faced with population decline and a shrinking economy, the management of Yusuhara’s ample forestry resources is becoming an issue.

Under this agreement, NAGASE will not only support Yusuhara’s management of its forestry resources, the company will also use its technological knowhow and diverse customer network to contribute to stimulating Yusuhara’s economy with the latest ICT technology, creating a model case of sustainable project co-creation in Yusuhara. Using the knowledge gained from collaborating with Yusuhara, NAGASE will aim to achieve carbon neutrality within the company, as well as support forest credit creation and develop solutions for providing value to local communities and the forestry industry.

*1: This project falls under the “Forest Sink” methodology for the J-Credit Scheme.

*2: Decarbonization Leading Areas aim to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity consumption in households and business sectors by FY2030. In addition, they make efforts to achieve reductions in other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as from transportation and heat use by utilizing local characteristics, which is consistent with Japan's FY2030 target.


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