Prinova Launches New E-Commerce Website That Aims to Enhance the Way Ingredients are Purchased in the US

June 1, 2021

Carol Stream, IL – Prinova, a worldwide provider of ingredients, flavors, and nutrient premixes, creates an innovative e-commerce experience with the launch of its new website. Part of a complete global site launch, the regional experience in the United States and Canada features access to live pricing, regulatory documents, and extensive data on 400+ ingredients. This is a unique digital feature for the world of ingredient distribution and is poised to enhance the expanding industry.

Prinova is the largest distributor of quality food-grade vitamins and amino acids globally and now brings a robust e-commerce experience to match its leading market position. This is the largest e-commerce platform of anyone else in the industry to date and serves as a strong indicator that the online shopping experience developed over the last 20 years in other industries is finding its way into B2B ingredient distribution.

Users in the United States and Canada will have access to delivered pricing that will be calculated in real-time, along with a personalized dashboard that will provide updates on shipping and logistics. The new site also allows customers to search ingredients by key criteria like application and health benefits, request quotes and samples, track orders, access critical market insights, and discover recommended and related product features. The site is designed to meet and exceed global accessibility standards. It also boasts a sleek new design.

“Prinova’s growth over the last 40 years has always been tied to how we can best serve the evolving needs of our customers,” says Don Thorp, President of Prinova. “Purchasing and R&D professionals today want more information, choices, and control when it comes to their digital experience with suppliers. The new e-commerce site delivers on this by providing our customers all the things they might expect from a retail-level shopping experience — pricing, sourcing transparency, and extensive product data.”

Experience the new Prinova website at:

Prinova is a leading global supplier of ingredients and manufacturer of premixes and flavors for the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. Prinova’s premix business has been built on over 40 years of experience in ingredient sourcing and distribution, servicing its customers with global inventories, market expertise, and leading market positions in vitamins, amino acids, sweeteners, preservatives, proteins, aroma chemicals, and more. As a world-leading distributor of functional ingredients, Prinova uses its global network to help customers gain the strategic advantage they need to drive its business forward.

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Zach Savino, Prinova USA

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