Introducing TruBlack Bioderived Carbon

NAGASE Partners with BioRegion Technology for Market Development and Supply of Bioderived and Renewably Sourced Carbon Black Alternative

NAGASE, a leading material science company, is partnering with BioRegion Technology, an innovative producer of specialty materials made from consistent and abundant agricultural by-products, in introducing TruBlack™ Bioderived Carbon to the global chemical marketplace. TruBlack™ is produced by a novel carbonization process in which a tightly controlled agricultural by-product input is transformed into a high quality, 100% USDA BioPreferred bio-content carbon black alternative. The production process can be controlled to customize TruBlack™, allowing for grades with properties like IR reflectance, ESD, and electrical conductivity. End use marketplaces include: Plastics Compounding, CASE, Inks, and Cosmetics.

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