Antibody Synthesis and Development for In-Vitro Diagnostics

The synthesis and development of antibodies are key drivers in the diagnosis of numerous diseases. Groundbreaking treatments and diagnoses have been a direct result of antibody synthesis and manipulation. The Nagase Life & Healthcare team offers antibody development services as a subcontractor. This allows companies to utilize our products in various disease diagnostic processes.

We provide a wide range of products, which include antibodies, additives, and bulk reagents. As a result, we can provide solutions customized to client needs. High-quality antibodies are made in Japan for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) applications.


The Demand for Antibody Synthesis and Development

Antibody synthesis and development plays a key role in the diagnosis of disease. Improving accuracy and sensitivity of these diagnostics is critical to better diagnose disorders and disease.

There is a universal need for these diagnostic reagents with high accuracy and sensitivity to diagnose disorders and diseases. Subcontracting this department can further meet this demand.

Also, increasing shelf stability so they can last longer in hospital settings without sacrificing sensitivity and accuracy is an important element for success.


Our Solution & Approach

Our Life & Healthcare team facilitates performance improvement of in-vitro diagnostics. Performance improvements are accomplished by supplying appropriate functional additives, as well as our diagnostic products. We offer improvements in the sensitivity, stability, and accuracy of IVDs. We also handle a plethora of diagnostic products, including but not limited to more than 30 kinds of latex and biochemical reagents.

We can provide clients with various bulk reagents that are highly sensitive and stable. Our bulk IVD reagents can be utilized for kidney and pancreatic function, diabetes, inflammation, and blood coagulation tests, to name a few. Our reagents will be packed into corresponding bottles for each chemical analysis. More specifically, we provide diagnostic additives formed from monoclonal antibodies and chemical origin. These range from commercial- to research-scale additives to improve accuracy and sensitivity for the client’s IVD products. In addition, disease diagnostic performance for the patient can be improved.


Forward to the Future

The repetitive selection of various good diagnostic products for IVDs will be synthesized to determine if improvement was actually made to sensitivity, stability, and accuracy. Selection factors will determine if we need to improve our products as well.

The NAGASE team is committed to ensuring success with our subcontracting customers and clients overall.

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