High Biomass Thickener

In response to increasing consumer demand for cosmetics formulated with natural ingredients, cosmetic companies have announced a shift from petrochemical-derived to nature-derived raw materials. However, while this transition is underway, a significant challenge remains in finding natural-based thickeners that match the performance of their petrochemical counterparts.

Nagase ChemteX Corporation(NCX) has developed a natural-based thickener that matches or exceeds the performance of petrochemical alternatives. Specifically, when incorporated into cosmetic formulations, our thickener demonstrates equal or superior thickening effect compared to petrochemical-based counterparts, maintaining product integrity even after application.

Achievements & Expected Outcomes:
By utilizing NCX's thickener, the cosmetic industry can overcome the longstanding difficulty of transitioning from petroleum-based to natural-based thickeners. This achievement not only aligns with the corporate policies of cosmetic companies but also adds value to their products, contributing to the realization of their business objectives.

Product Information

INCI Name:
• Applying


Applications & Uses:
• Skincare
• Skin Care Cream
• Skin Lotion

• Improve Texture
• High Biomass Thickeners
• Higher thickening effect (even in high temperature)
• No necessary for adjusting pH
• High thickening effect even in high glycerin concentrations
• High Productivity with high solubility in water

Performance Attributes:
• 3D Structure Made from Starch can hold surrounded water tightly.

Approvals & Certifications:
• TSCA (under reviewing)

• Nagase ChemteX Corporation

Sub Category:
• Healthcare

• Personal Care

• Texturizer