TREHALOSE SG: A Smart Solution for Biopharmaceutical Development

July 13, 2023

TREHALOSE SG is an injectable grade pharmaceutical excipient and is monographed as being low endotoxin and high purity. It is supplied as powdered dihydrate crystals produced by the enzymatic saccharification of starch.

NAGASE’s group company Nagase Viita has achieved exceptionally high quality and stable supply by production of trehalose and removal of endotoxin in their manufacturing plant in Japan. TREHALOSE SG is stable to heat and acid, and as a non-reducing disaccharide, does not participate in the Maillard reaction, so it stabilizes biopharmaceutical formulations.

In this white paper, Nagase Viita proposes the use of trehalose as a strategy to improve the storage stability of:

  • antibodies
  • nucleic acids
  • exosomes

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