Future Co-creation Office


The Future Co-Creation Office, previously known as New Value Creation Office, was founded in April 2017 to foster innovation within the NAGASE Group and become the cornerstone of future business by generating new value. Starting from fiscal year 2023, we have assumed responsibility for new ventures in the medical and energy sectors that were previously under development by other divisions.

Empowering Core Businesses for Tomorrow

The exploration of blockchain, sensors, and systems applicable to both the head office division and group companies is underway. Additionally, there are ongoing advancements in the medical and energy sectors, anticipating future growth.


Diagnosis support equipment and systems in the medical field

Providing the capsule endoscope “CapsoCam Plus”, medical image analysis program “Attractive”, and “QIR”

Data management platform for materials informatics

Provision of U.S. “Uncountable” to Japan region, development of original materials informatics system

Supporting carbon neutrality through a focus on renewable energy and storage batteries.

Participating in energy businesses that contribute to carbon neutrality by offering and developing energy products and related services, including renewable energy sources and storage batteries.

The "Axonerve™ intellectual property core", a specialized semiconductor design technology focused on search functions.

Creating solutions to support the acceleration of 5G network and cloud applications.

Looking Ahead

We are committed to advancing value creation from 0 to 1 through the New Nagase Technical Vitality Program, a new business creation system within the NAGASE Group. Utilizing startup investments, we aim to gather information in new areas to establish the groundwork for the next phase of development.

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