CDP 2021 Evaluation

December 28, 2021

The NAGASE Group responded to CDP Climate Change 2021, a survey on corporate responses to climate change; CDP Water 2021, a survey on water resource management; and CDP Forests 2021 (Palm Oil), a survey on forest resources conducted by the non-profit organization CDP* in the United Kingdom, and received the following ratings.

CDP 2021 Evaluation
Climate change: B
Water: A-
Forests (palm oil): C

CDP evaluates a company’s efforts to address environmental issues on eight levels: leadership, management, recognition, and disclosure, with ratings assigned at the leadership level (A, A -), management level (B, B -), recognition level (C, C -), and disclosure level (D, D -).

NAGASE Group considers “solutions to issues that threaten safety and security, such as climate change, food and water shortages, etc.” as one of the important issues (materiality) and will further contribute to society to solve the growing problem of climate change.

*CDP is a non-profit organization established in the UK in 2000. In collaboration with institutional investors, CDP asks companies and cities to disclose their strategies and data on climate change, water and forests, conducts analysis and evaluation based on the responses, and discloses the results to institutional investors.

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