Pursuit of Sustainability


Formula E was founded by Formula 1 giants who thought the pursuit of sustainability should be combined with cutting-edge racing technology. They created Formula E to race at the pinnacle of EV technology, driving powerplant and aerodynamics breakthroughs that have real world applications.

A Varied Approach to Sustainability

At NAGASE, we share a similar passion for having the best of both worlds. Our culture enables us to create innovative solutions that allow for industrial growth while still contributing to a brighter future for society.

Business Integrity

We are dedicated to upholding the highest level of integrity in all elements of our business—from preventing corruption to protecting your information, we ensure that we're in compliance with all applicable national and regional laws and work to maintain healthy relationships with all partners and government entities.

Respect for All

We show respect for all individuals through our shared focus on honesty and transparency. We have a deep respect for all cultures and feel strongly that diversity and inclusion are vital for contributing to a healthy society.

Environmental Stewardship

We partner with you to ensure the protection of our environment. We are committed to limiting our environmental footprint across industries and countries. Our plan to accomplish this begins with strict measures that will decrease emissions over the coming decades.

Our Community

We take our commitment to a safe and healthy work environment as seriously as we take any other part of our business. From supply chain to compliance to training, we have measures in place to ensure human safety and success is at the core of who we are.

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Expanded Involvement

Our involvement in the world goes beyond just business. We support scientific research, local culture, charitable giving, athletics, and important cultural milestones such as Andretti in Formula E.

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Advancing Another 190 Years

In order to thrive for another two centuries, we will need to challenge ourselves by always thinking of the future. As customer needs evolve, we will adapt with them by always providing innovative capabilities and global expertise.

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