Pursuit of Performance


Andretti’s pursuit of performance keeps them competitive in the high-energy world of racing. This is how they earned their legacy of championship racing. Our own focus on performance-centric partnerships is what has helped us grow and thrive as Business Designers in a fast-changing world of innovation and value.

Designing Paths Forward

NAGASE’s Business Designer culture enables every employee to partner with businesses to create new value from their diverse expertise. In doing so, we enable our customers to win in their pursuit of performance and deliver next.

We help our partners define their own next by identifying opportunities, developing new value, and helping them expand into new areas. We deliver the solutions they need to advance their values and deliver next for their customers.

As a Business Designer, we strategically bring together our roster of partnerships to deliver value through collaboration. We have an extensive network of trusted business partners with deep experience and resources in multidisciplinary sciences.

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We use resources from our vast global network, from sourcing to supply chain, to adapt to evolving market and consumer demands. We leverage trend forecasting, almost two centuries of experience as a trading company, trusted local and global partnerships, and real-time market insights to reliably deliver the outcomes and goals our customers need.

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We use transformative digital technology to assess IT industry trends and to help identify and create progressive technology and solutions for customers. We generate proprietary intellectual property and advance new technologies such as AI-based materials, informatics systems, and the integration of biology and electronics.

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Pursuing Performance in Your Market


The automotive industry requires a high-caliber level of performance. We accomplish this by providing engineered solutions for weight reduction, enabling access to advancements in next generation electrification, and partnering to deliver the next-generation of intelligence sensor technology and materials.

Energy & Electronics

From the smallest components to the biggest partnerships, we always strive for value and performance. We have a proprietary global network of engineers, global access to mobile device manufacturers, access to semiconductor and silicon wafer industries, and end-to-end materials sourced with consistent availability.


Using lithium-ion secondary batteries, our team is developing innovative power storage systems aimed at delivering greater efficiency, longer life, and enhanced safety.

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