Pursuit of Innovation


Building on a multi-generational legacy of championship racing, Andretti Formula E pursues innovation through racing technology and strategy. At NAGASE, we do things similarly: by applying our business designer mindset to everything we do, we build the future—one thoughtful and achievable step at a time.

Delivering Next-Generation Solutions for Our Focus Markets

Sustainable Flooring

The pursuit of innovation comes to life in our partnerships. Here are a few of the ways we’ve worked with forward thinking partners to bring impactful ideas into fruition.

Soluble Plastics

We partnered with one of the largest coffee retailers to reduce plastics waste from disposable utensils by offering high-temperature, water-soluble plastics that are environmentally benign.

Anti-Fungal Surfaces

We partnered with an electronics manufacturing company to deliver anti-fungal smart coatings that reduce the spread of germs.

Explore Our Innovation Facilities


We’re working to lower the barriers to entry in the additive manufacturing industry by providing the resources and expertise needed to create industry-leading solutions at scale.

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NAGASE Application Workshop (NAW)

Our specialized equipment and expert staff enable our partners at every phase of plastics and coatings materials creation—from raw material analysis to final formulation.

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Bio-Innovation Center

We’re working hard to address society’s most pressing issues, including population growth, depletion of natural resources, climate abnormality, and environmental damage.

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Pursuing Innovation in Your Market


The future of mobility is faster, smarter, and more efficient. Learn how pushing the industry forward and its environmental impact down with solutions for weight reduction, advanced electrification, and more.

Energy & Electronics

Gain access to a global network of real engineers for sourcing and co-development. Our resources range from semiconductor and wafer technology to the device manufacturing experts who bring it all together.


Using lithium-ion secondary batteries, our team is developing innovative power storage systems aimed at delivering greater efficiency, longer life, and enhanced safety.

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