Glucosyl Naringin: Skin-reviving Solution

November 15, 2023

As the market continues to expand, interest in holistic beauty is on the rise, with consumers seeking natural products that have a lower environmental impact. Responding to this market demand, Nagase Viita, a member of the NAGASE Group, has developed Glucosyl Naringin, an upcycled, aging care ingredient derived from inedible citrus fruit. Experiments have demonstrated that Glucosyl Naringin promotes the production and fiber formation of elastin, improving skin elasticity particularly in older individuals. This allows consumers to age naturally while retaining a youthful appearance. Glucosyl Naringin embodies value for consumers seeking an environmentally friendly solution for well aging.

Note: This white paper has been featured in PERSONAL CARE MAGAZINE (2023 September issue), published by Step Communications Ltd. This magazine is a reliable platform designed for professionals in the personal care industry, providing insights into the latest trends, formulations, and innovations in the sector, with a particular focus on sustainable and ethical beauty.

Download it now to explore how Glucosyl Naringin contributes to holistic beauty and aging care.