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TOTAKU INDUSTRIES,INC. has been producing flexible hoses and pipes as a pioneer in this field since our establishment in 1952. As a manufacturer, our policy of gaining customer satisfaction through quality-first manufacturing is written into our statement of principles. As people seek a better living standard in these changing times, TOTAKU's activities will be unlimited. It is our hope to contribute to the realization of a better world by creating original products.

Key Business Activities

Industrial Hose


For water, oil, food and powder transferring,mortar pressure feeding, air feeding/exhausting. They are used in various scenes such as in manufacturing, at construction sites and in various plants.




Corrugated pipes for electrical equipment


We are protecting all electric and communication cables such as pole-less utility construction, renewable energy facilities such as solar and wind power generation, large-scale facilities such as factories and shopping malls, and tunnel.

Civil engineering pipe


Drainage pipe for underground and underdrain. For drainage measures in parks, golf courses, and landfills, we use lightweight and high-strength resin pipes to support civil engineering works for drainage from land reclamation sites, dump sites, and tunnels.

Bridge related materials


TOTAKU‘s bridge-related materials extend the service life of PC structures. Our polyethylene Sheath(HDPE), a PC steel protection pipe for prestressed concrete structures, has been sold for 1,500 bridges and 25 years, supporting Japan’s infrastructure. In addition, 52% of the approximately 720,000 bridges in Japan will be 50 years old by 2029. TOTAKU will contribute to measures to extend the service life of bridges.

Pick up Products

Non-PVC Suction & Discharge Hose

Non-PVC Hose Series
The best hose for Food sanitation.
Additive free with Light weight and flexible Food transfer Hose.

Non-PVC Ducting Hose

Non-PVC Hose Series
Food Dry Material Ducting and Blower Hose.
Excellent for contact flexing and durable.
Tested to 1Million flex cycles.

PVC Suction & Discharge Hose for Food

No taste and scentless, good for transporting food stuffs and fatty food stuffs.

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We Can Customize for Your Needs and Requests!
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Since 1952. The world’s first flexible hose manufacturer.

We handle everything in-house, from material research to the design of manufacturing equipment.

We always maintain a pioneering spirit, aiming to create distinctive products that meet the needs of the times.

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